The 2014 breeding season is here

Brochure Zuuthoeve 2014  Download brochure - breeding season 2014

  • Vet fees, shipping costs and boarding fees are charged separately.
  • Boarding fees: mare €10/day, mare with foal €12/day.
  • Fresh semen available daily, to be ordered before 9am on the day of delivery.
  • Semen is NOT available on Sundays or bank holidays!
  • Semen is payable at +/- 6 weeks pregnancy.
  • Thunder v/d Zuuthoeve stud fee: €1,250 (€250 deposit upon ordering and €1000 at +/- 6 weeks pregnancy).
  • Per heat cycle an additional €50 is charged for a 3rd order.
  • Boarding + vet fees are payable upon collection of mare.
  • Shipping costs are charged to the customer.
  • Our prices are valid for 2014 prices excl. VAT.
  • Should your mare fail to yield a live foal from our stallions, certified by a vet, we will cover your mare again free of charge (valid for the following year only).
  • Mares must be stabled at the Zuuthoeve. Vet and boarding fees will be charged.
  • A discount of €100 shall apply per owner, as from the 2nd mare.
  • All horses boarding at the Zuuthoeve are handled and stabled at the risk of the owner.
  • All owners who collect semen or stable a horse are considered to have read and accepted our general terms and conditions.
  • Any dispute will fall under the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Mechelen.
  • In the event of emergency, we reserve the right to call in a vet.
  • All our stallions 'van de Zuuthoeve' are approved according to the strictest worldwide health standards. They are therefore 100% healthy and OCD free.
  • We have a constant supply of young sport horses for sale.
  • To visit our stallions and sport horses, please call us to arrange an appointment.

Thunder van de ZuuthoeveThunder van de Zuuthoeve

Elios De l'EpinetteElios De l'Epinette

To visit our stallions, make an appointment with:
Vets Conny
Zuut 44 - 2500 Lier - Belgium
mobile +32(0)475/47.79.74

Damen Bart
Zuut 44 - 2500 Lier - Belgium
mobile +32(0)486/35.68.47

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